Thursday, 10 September 2015

BI on SQL Azure - Yes you can

Just 4 years before, it was not possible to have end to end Business Intelligence (BI) solution on SQL Azure. Please read my blog here which was actually written 4 years back.

Now things have been changed dramatically. If you go through my blog than under conclusion at last section I have mentioned that “As per current scenario Microsoft Cloud Platform seems to be positioned as one of the leading platforms for DW/BI because it demonstrates great potential in early stage. We expect a great future of SQL Azure for DW/BI if Microsoft promises to enhance it continuously to overcome its limitation.

Microsoft shows an awesome approach to address my conclusive remark and now we can truly do BI with some constraints on SQL Azure by using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine gallery includes images that contain SQL Server installations. To have more details on the same read here.

 3 cheers to Microsoft and Azure!

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